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Various ways to enjoy
brown rice Sungaemo Cordyceps

Using as Tea

If you shake 2 grams of Biro in a 500 ml water bottle, you can drink tea from time to time and you can add more for strong taste.

Using as Noodle

You can mix 1g of Biro with flour for 1 person and cook it to your taste.

Enjoy as Meal

When you cook rice, add 1g of Biro for 1 person. Then it becomes delicious Cordyceps meal.

Enjoy as Porridge

You can mix 1g of Biro with rice for 1 person and make porridge with them.

Product Composition

1 Box: Biro 40g x 2Bottle

Ultrafine powder after drying fresh Cordyceps enhance convenience.

This product is made of ultrafine powder from crushed fruit body after drying Cordyceps with hot air.
In order to ensure that the whole family can eat safely from the children to the elderly, we have passed various safety tests including non-pesticide inspection, and have been certified by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Agency for excellent agricultural products certification, no pesticide product certification, and agricultural products excellent management facility (No. 1109-034).
As the first and only case for naming with developer, Sungjaemo Dongchunghacho was also registered as a protected variety (No. 3427) of Korea Seed and Variety Service.