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The countryside is home.

After finding Cordyceps and Sanghwang mushrooms at Kangwon National University in 1984, I realized that a technology could be developed to produce them in large quantities using brown rice for human consumption. After retiring from the University, I have devoted myself to grow Cordyceps and Sanghwang mushrooms with local residents at Mushtech Co., Ltd. located in Cheongil-ro 453-beongil 55-9, Cheongil-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon-do. Because Cordyceps and Sanghwang mushrooms are grown in brown rice, it will benefit farmers who grow rice, as well as it will help people maintain their health by consuming the mushroom products.

Cordyceps and Sanghwang mushrooms cultivated as Mushtech Co., Ltd. are still being studied by researchers to make sure they produce better results. Thank you for your order of Sungjaemo Cordyceps and Sanghwang mushrooms. I will continue working hard to make good products.

The countryside is our mother and home.

Thank you.

CEO Sung Jae-Mo