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Various ways to enjoy
brown rice Sungaemo Cordyceps

Using as Fresh

Unlike other mushrooms, You can enjoy the taste of Cordyceps when it is fresh.

Using as a Drinkg

Put 1 pack of fresh fruiting body and 1.8L of soju in a 2L bottle and store at 18~20 degrees Celsius in a dry place for one month. You can enjoy the Cordyceps drink that will give you a good flavor and taste.

Using as Meal

Fruit bodies from one pack of Sungjaemo Cordyceps can be cooked with rice for 4 persons. Fresh fruit bodies produce yellow color during rice cooking.

Using as Chicken/Duck Soup

You can cook chicken or duck with 5 grams of fresh fruiting body, jujube and ginseng.
Fruit bodies of one pack of fresh Cordyceps, a jujube fruit and a ginseng gives a delicious duck or chicken soup.

* Fresh Cordyceps can be preserved for about 2 weeks if you put at 0~4 degrees Celsius in the refrigerator.

Product Composition

1 Box: Fresh Hub 80g

This is the fresh product just packed
with brown rice Sungjaemo Cordyceps.

In order to ensure that the whole family can eat safely from children to elderly,
we have passed various safety tests including non-pesticide inspection,
and have been certified by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Agency for excellent agricultural products certification, no pesticide product certification, and agricultural products excellent management facility (No. 1109-034).
As the first and only case for naming with developer, Sungjaemo Cordyceps was also registered as a protected variety (No. 3427) of Korea Seed & Variety Service.
Specially, Sungjaemo Cordyceps has received second class immunity enhancing certificate from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of the Government of Korea. Similarly, a health functional food “Dongchung-Ilgi” has been commercially produced by Dong-A Pharmaceutical Company using Sungjaemo Cordyceps.

How to keepAs soon as possible, take the remaining fruit body (upper yellow part) from brown rice and put it in your zipper bag and store it in the refrigerator, then you can keep it for about 1 month.