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Various ways to enjoy
brown rice Sungaemo Cordyceps

Using as Tea

5g of dry Cordyceps is boiled in 4L of water for 20 mins and then stored in refrigerator after cooling. It is ready for drinking that gives you Cordyceps flavor and taste.

Using as Shabu Shabu

If you mix the chives and Cordyceps in seasoned kelp soup then cook it lightly, it becomes a delicious Shabu Shabu.

Using as Kimchi

If you mix five grams of dry form with the seasoning to make Kimch, it has a long fresh taste.

Using as Dry

Unlike other mushrooms, you can enjoy chewing dry form that gives you Cordyceps taste and flavor.

Product Composition

1 Box: Hay Type 80g
(Brown rice Dongchunghacho 100%)

A product made of dried Sungjaemo Cordyceps
that are easy to store and use.

Fresh Sungjaemo Cordyceps fruiting bodies are dried in a hot air dryer.
In order to ensure that the whole family can eat safely from the children to the elderly, we have passed various safety tests including non-pesticide inspection, and have been certified by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Agency for excellent agricultural products certification, no pesticide product certification, and agricultural products excellent management facility (No. 1109-034).
As the first and only case for naming with developer, Sungjaemo Cordyceps was also registered as a protected variety (No. 3427) of Korea Seed and Variety Service.